Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Russian scientists drilled through the ice to the surface of Lake Vostok

Mystery of the interrupted contact with Russian scientists who were trying to drilled through the ice and reach the surface Antarctic Lake Vostok, which is 20 million years without contact with the outside world, was solved by the most positive way: researchers are well, and yesterday they managed to accomplish their mission, that the drilled through the ice to the surface and take a sample of water from this ancient water pools, large as Lake Ontario.

Water sample taken from the lake is frozen and sent to experts for analysis of the Russian Institute for Arctic and Antarctic, microbiologists, whose results are expected with great impatience, as they believe that we could make contact with a unique and previously unknown forms of life.

The project is closely monitored by NASA and the Russian space agency, because the conditions at the Lake Vostok may be compared with those on Jupiter's Moon Europa, where also there is water under the thick ice cover. 

- If Lake Vostok microbes are detected, it could possibly mean that the under surface of Europe may will be the ours first meeting with alien forms of life - is considered Dr. Vladimir Kotljakov, Director of the Geographical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Any forms of life that in the lake might be found "is not a new monster of Loch Ness - although we can not really predict what we expected," said one of the members of the expedition for the Russian state news agency RIA.

The lake is the formation of the move, which keeps liquid geothermal heat, and while lying beneath nearly 4 km of ice, is supplied with oxygen. In the ice that is extracted near the surface of the lake had already been found some Microorganisms. 
- This was something that had never been done - it's a unique borehole, unique lake, and I think we will find unique organisms - considered Priskju professor, a microbiologist at the University of Montana and research in the Antarctic veteran, who arrived to include a in the current research.

And as if all of this is not already enough exciting and mysterious, the Russian state news agency RIA announced that in the nearby where yesterday scientist made break through the ice could be concealed secret Nazi bunker in which Hitler's archives are hidden, and perhaps buried treasure, because it is known that "the Nazis at the end of World War II went to the South Pole and began to build a base on Lake Vostok." 

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