Friday, February 29, 2008

The Atlantis Mystery

Atlantis is one of the world's greatest mysteries. To many, its very name evokes a mystical sense of familiarity and lost memories. It is said to be the lost Atlantic continent, the first home of civilisation, an earthly paradise, struck down by a natural catastrophe at the height of its power, and now lying deep under the ocean, with only the tops of its mountains protruding from the ocean floor.

To others, Atlantis is merely a legend, invented by Plato, the Greek philosopher, as a backdrop for two of his dialogues: Timaeus and Critias.

Another belief is that Atlantis was a true precursor of the early civilisations and not located in the Atlantic at all, but instead occupying some other location, like the Greek islands of Crete or Santorini, as opposed to the Azores, Madeira, or the Canary Islands.

I first became aware of Atlantis whilst attending a workshop on Spiritual Healing given by Michael Bradford. He came over to me, during a break, and told me that I had been in Atlantis, working with crystals, in a past life. Since then I have been researching Atlantis and have spoken to many people who are also curious and have had similar experiences.

The name Atlantis derives from atlas, the giant Greek God who is said to have supported the sky. In Greek, Atlantis means "Daughter of Atlas".

According to Plato, Atlantis was a garden of Eden with an abundance of precious minerals and crystals, particularly orichalcium which was red in colour and considered more valuable than gold. This earthly paradise was a combination of mighty mountains, fertile plains, rivers, marshes and lakes with a thriving population and many species of animals, including elephants.Wood was plentiful for the carpenters. Herbs, flowers, and fruit grew and thrived, being used both as food and for medicinal purposes. The Atlanteans constructed temples, palaces, harbours and docks. They utilized the natural white, black and red stone that were quarried from underneath the centre of the island. Some of their buildings were simple, while others were very elaborate, coated and decorated with gold, brass, tin and the red orichalcium. They built a temple covered with gold and silver pinnacles dedicated to Poseidon, the God of sea, earthquakes and horses. Its ceiling was made of ivory whilst the walls and pillars were lined with orichalcium. There were many statues of gold including the main statue, from floor to ceiling, of Poseidon himself standing in a chariot with six winged horses.

Fountains of hot and cold springs were to be found amidst suitable trees and decorations and relaxing spas. These were used separately by the kings, public and even the horses and cattle! There were many lovely gardens and places of exercise including a horse racing course.

The large and busy harbour bustled with vessels and merchants from all parts of the world.

The surrounding mountains of great height and beauty were inhabited by the wealthy villagers. The meadows, rivers and lakes provided enough food for everyone. It really was the land of plenty!

The large rectangular plain played an important part in this civilization. Straight canals, a hundred feet in width, were cut into it to transport wood and the fruits of the earth down into the city from the mountains.

The inhabitants were divided into groups with leaders who were responsible for their own particular area. For many generations, the people obeyed the laws and possessed true and great spirits, practicing gentleness and wisdom. They lived a very divine life, enjoying their gold and possessions but not abusing them. They believed in friendship and led an almost "idyllic" existence in this land of "milk and honey". Legend says there were many crystal healers, masseurs and therapists, working for the well-being of their fellowman.

A Hopi myth describes Atlantis as a land in which great cities were created and crafts flourished, but when the people became corrupt and warlike, a great flood destroyed their world. It is thought that eventually the Atlanteans did change their peaceful ways and became aggressive with each other. That is when disaster struck!


awakingdoom said...

u have a pretty damn great passion, Atlantis is not a myth, am also sure its real, but there no such believer. Anyways i like the point u made and would like to know more about your theory's.

i dont know if this blog is out-dated but anyways.

benithisrael said...

exactly where is atlantis

jessiegirl said...

it sounds like a dream... literally a place where you would want to go to get away from your problems... it sounds incredibly beautiful... if only it could be found...

leon said...

Atlantis commnets

You describe Atlantis as well as its culture and idea as if it’s the one we all dream or want to dream but we can’t because we are afraid. Afraid because its so beautifull and yet so fragile. We wake up, and it vanishes under the waves of our every day life.You also give a thoughtfull description of the NATURAL BEAUTY that was appreciated and cherished by the atlantians as well as their horses and cattle! Since I am also a beleaver...I would like to empahasise that even though Atlantis went down a part of the culture still remains in every man and every woman of today.All we have to do is dig a bit deeper insight us and we will all find that the higher sense of conciousness that the Atlantians possesed does not fit to our materialistic world of today and thats why we can not grasp it.So it’s good to know that its not only our fault and that there is ALWAYS HOPE.Hope that people will look into values again as the Atlantians or even other previous civilisations did.Many people in the world share that view today but just don’t know what to do about it
Those great ansectors or demigods eventually went down because they eventually in a much longer period than what we count our Civilization they kept this power in alliance with love and wisdom.A wisdom that we did not yet have the chance to even comprehent. Unfortunatly at some point they misused the power and thats why they were punished to sink under the sea. What ever the case we found them flowing in our imagination for quite some time now, and many of us feel like they are there to help us to make the right choices when the time comes.
We should be greatfull or even priveledged to think that this time is now.
We took the wrang path as Our materialistic world never awakened any other of our cultural traits, but Greed.We have also broken the line.So what do we do if we realise that ...Wait for our govermnets to change our Unsuccesfull economic and political systems whose foundations were supposed to be build to offer prosperity and justice? 2 billion people live in poverty today.The rest of us are exploiting the natural resourses without giving anything back to nature.The Green house effect, Global warming are sings that we are defenetly doing something wrang.Even though I still feel that a higher sense of conciouness is slowly arising insight us again.Some politicians are also feeling it today , that Greed is far less noble as an idea which we drive our lifepath upon….NEW UNIVERSAL VALUES are on the horizon all they are doing is waiting for the right opportunity to SPRING. Respect water as it’s the most vital element for all life.Respect Nature by implementing any laws to stop poluting the oceans and lands,Stop exploiting the animal kingdom in such an unfair and un- noble game ,Respect all life.Choose wisly the energy that will help both our environment but also to develop our new economies efficiently and rebuild our Economic and Political systems with a fairer and higher scope in mind.In doing so maybe we will proove to our Gods that we are worthy of creation, to Nature we respect it but also worthy of it,and to the Universe that we are a succesfull life form.Natural and Universal intelligence may reward us once more for becoming a better species.It may open for us the doors of a higher sense of conciousness and a higher sense of things.

Pria said...

I do believe that Atlantis is not a myth.I guess no one knows where exactly Atlantis is located.But everybody have sure heard of The Bermuda Triangle and the strange disappearances of ships and aircrafts.Well some say that the missing of ships and planes could be due to Atlantis.Since Atlantis was destroyed by the sea,it is assumed to be somewhere deep down the water.
I should mention that,the Atlantians had their own power source something like the nuclear plants we have now.They used those cystals and made a setup, which gave them a very great amount of power.And when Atlantis went down the ocean,these power plants were not completely destroyed.So these crystals could still get active once in a while and emit radiations powerful enough to take down an aircraft.There is proof for the prencense of powerful crystals underwater.So there could be this possibility of the Atlantis to be in the Bermuda Triangle.
May be when we solve the mystery or I should say when time reveals us the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle,it might end up in discovering the land that was once lost.Which is still many believe it to be lost forever, BUT NOT YOU AND ME.

lord kryz said...

the last I heard from a book on mystries atlantis is under the ice of antarctica. when Atlantis is supposed to have existed the pole would have been in america/canada while antarctica would have been much like america/canada is now. The great flood is supposed to be a reference to the end of the last ice age when the ice melted and the ice sheets shifted covering antarctica. As for the advanced science and miriacles of Atlantis remember that the rest of the world would have been dressed in skins, carrying bone weapons and worshiping the moon at this point in history,If the people of Atlantis had steel or even iron weapons and armour that would seem magical to those that didn't. a basic understanding of science and medicine would have been miraculous to the less advanced people. All the same, if they find Atlantis - at the bottom of the sea, in antarctica or on the moon i'll have one of the 1st tickets to visit it.

Sutefufu said...

I do believe too that Atlantis excisted but I'm not sure if I would want it to be found and made public. I mean it's basically the Myth that makes it so special and exciting. If it would be found... who knows if it'd be that great and heroic like it is told or if they would discover some "dirty" secrets about it as well.
Even if it would be that wonderful like Plato discibed it, the people would turn the mystery down, or make tourism trips and destroy the whole mystical and magical atmosphere about that place. But sure, I would so love to strole around in Atlantis myself.

It is also possible that is has already melted into the inner earth center. Comes up to where it has been. The specific earthplate on which Atlantis has been could as well driftet under an other after the flood and so Atlantis vanished forever.

But I like the theory that the Atlanteans where the forefathers of the Egyptians and the Mayas and built their Pyramids. I was really excited when I forst heard, that there was something found under the Sphynx that could have something to do with Atlantis!

However I am a big fan of Atlantis and love to pretend life at that time or how it would look like if it would be found today or where.

menokki said...

The Hindus too have a legend whihc is ATlantis like. Krushna's (hindu God) abode Dwarka sank under the seas.