Friday, February 29, 2008

Where Atlantis could be?

There are many different beliefs as to the actual location of Atlantis. A large percentage believe, as did Plato, that it is a sunken island under the Atlantic Ocean. Others believe it is located near the Greek islands of Crete or Thera (Santorini). A severe earthquake on 9th July 1956 disturbed the lower strata in a quarry on Thera and the ruins of what appeared to be an ancient civilization were found. Human bones, teeth and charred wood, together with pottery and other artistic relics were Carbon-14 dated by Professor Galanopoulous. The results pointed to this being the remains of Atlantis.

The Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands, along with smaller Atlantic islands, have also been suggested. The Azores, in common with Thera (perhaps even more so), have the look of sunken islands about them, with great black mountain peaks that rise directly from the ocean.

The Caribbean has also been suggested. In the 1920's, an American psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would rise again in 1968 from the ocean floor near Bimini in the Bahamas. In fact, in 1968 an airline pilot sighted an emergent temple of great antiquity only a few miles away from the predicted site. Since then there have been many more sightings and scuba divers have discovered flights of steps cut into the steep sides of the continental shelf in the same area. Great circular interrupted patterns of monolithic stones have been photographed on the ocean bottom, suggesting a sort of American "Stonehenge". Underwater pyramids, vertical walls and even a great arch have also been observed by scuba divers. Dr. Manson Valentine first discovered and explored the "Bimini Road" a sunken wall, foundation or dock, lying at a depth of about six fathoms, east of North Bimini.

It is very interesting that these ruins lie within the area known as "The Bermuda Triangle", the area between Bermuda, Eastern Florida and east of Puerto Rico. This is where many aircraft, large ships and small boats have been known to disappear without trace. Reported aspects of their disappearances involve spinning compasses, instrument malfunction, radio and radar blackout and electronic drain.

One suggested explanation is that the Atlanteans possessed laser power through gigantic crystals, as was reported by Edgar Cayce through his psychic readings, several decades before lasers became an accepted part of modern technology.

However more recently South America has become the most favoured location. In Peru, enormous stone walls on mountain-tops were a mystery to the conquering Incas and Spaniards. An incredible old city, Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, was apparently built so long ago that prehistoric animals were depicted on the local pottery. Enormous buildings, built at an elevation of 13,500 feet, with walls ten feet thick and foundation stones of 200 tons, were constructed with such exactness and knowledge of physics and astronomy that many investigators are convinced that the builders could not have been of this earth.

Geological discoveries around Tiahuanaco include salt lines in the mountains, former cornfields under the frozen snow-line of the surrounding peaks, and sea shells along the shores of lake Titicaca which indicated that the city was possibly an ocean port, forced up to its present altitude some 15,000 years ago, during volcanic activity which accompanied the melting of glaciers.

In 1965, Dr. Robert Menzies took photos from the research ship, "Anton Bruun", off the coast of Peru. Sonar recordings taken in this area indicated unusual shapes along the floor of the ocean, which otherwise seem to be a mud bottom. Photos taken at a depth of 6,000 feet show what were apparently massive upright pillars and walls, some of which seemed to have writing on them. The camera also took pictures of rocks laying scattered on their side, some in heaps as if they had toppled over, perhaps at the time that this mysterious city fell more than a mile under the sea.

With the advancement of technology, which at present is probing into outer galaxies, the time may come when they are able to turn their attention below the surface of the ocean, and discover the truth about Atlantis.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading this article, as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Perhaps you have your own theories on the whereabouts of Atlantis that you may like to share and discuss.

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eowmagic said...

Hello...I just happened upon your post on Atlantis. I am finishing my masters at Atlantic University- Edgar Cayce. Since you have mentioned him, I feel you will be interested in hearing my theories and comments. As a practitioner of the healing arts I am very attuned to the energies and transpersonal aspects of life and the universe. As a result it has been revealed to me in meditation and other synchronistic events about my connection to Atlantis both in the past and now. I believe Atlantis did exist and was the perfect example of how to live in harmony with nature and each other. Unfortunately, through the misalignment of ego and greed, choices were made by man which created the downfall. With the new energies being created we are experiencing a renewal of Atlantean energy. Those of us who know our past connection are finding ourselves reawakening to our purpose now in working with this new energy. If you feel you were part of Atlantis history and somehow in this lifetime you are playing out a similar role, please email me. I am creating a community where we can all share, and work together to understand what and why we are remembering. Also, I would like to have permission to use your picture of Atlantis on my site. If you do not already participate in please join and join my group Atlantis. I have posted the picture and if you want me to remove it I will. I look forward to hearing from you soon.