Monday, February 13, 2012

Woolly mammoth sighting Siberia

There's a new video that shows supposedly living Woolly mammoth, an animal that became extinct about 4,000 years ago.

Blurred footage shows how some large animal crosses the river, and that moment was allegedly "grabbed" a government engineer by camera, last summer in Chukotka in Siberia.

Some think that this is a scam - computer processed elephant or mammoth, digitally inserted into the scene. In addition it is stated that the man who put footage on the Internet is actually an expert on the paranormal, Michael Cohen, who was behind a series of shots of unidentified flying objects and other phenomena of doubtful authenticity. The question arises why the author stopped recording after 10 seconds, how long video. Also, why only now published if taken last summer?

Others believe that the footage is real, but that the creature is just bear with a fish in his mouth. That would explain the relatively small size of the mammoth, the shape of his "trunk" and the color. According to this explanation, the cameraman was mistaken strange form of animals.

There is a third explanation, the combination of the two preceding, and said that that this is a bear that is a false footage. Accordingly, author of the clip is very well knew what it was, but he - or anyone else who may later come into possession of the recording - decided to present it as a mystery, for fun and publicity.

Derek Serra, an artist for visual effects in Hollywood, who was previously analyzed some fake footage of UFOs, said that the footage, in his opinion, is deliberately blurred, perhaps to hide the true identity of the animal. He pointed out that even low-resolution video camera may very well focus on something.
"But on this recording is nothing in focus. The stones in the foreground seems unnaturally blurred, "he said.

In any case, see for yourself:

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Anonymous said...

It was faked -

Someone took someone else's footage that was just a still shot of the area and then inserted a cg mammoth.