Thursday, May 24, 2012

UFO Sphere Shocks Brazil

An unidentified metal sphere has plunged from the sky on unsuspecting villagers in northern Brazil, causing an uproar.
According to eyewitnesses, the metalic UFO sphere with a diameter of about one meter and a weight of about 50 kilograms, crashed in the village of Riacho dos Poços, Maranhão state in the north of the country. Luckily no casualties were reported apart from an unfortunate cashew tree that was severed by the object as it plunged to the ground but the incident has created panic among locals who want an explanation.

Valdir José Mendes, 46, told police the sphere landed several meters from his house leaving a one-meter-deep hole in the yard.
"I heard the noise and I went out to see what caused it. I thought it was a plane that had fallen, or an earthquake," he said.
The noise was such that Mendes was too scared to go outside. However, curiosity got the better of him and he headed outside to find the cashew tree’s trunk snapped in half by a mysterious metal sphere lying in a hole nearby.
Along with 20 other locals, Mendes dug the mysterious object out of the ground and claimed that a liquid could be heard inside. While some villagers are convinced that it is an object of extraterrestrial origin, others are more reasonable and believe that the UFO object would be a piece of a satellite.

Peter Costa, the meteorologist at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), agrees with Garetto, saying the object would probably be part of a satellite. "I'm sure this is not a weather balloon or part of it," he said as quoted by O Imparcia.
Military police confiscated the sphere and took it to the barracks in the nearby Mata Roma. They have not specified what the UFO’s possible future will be. In a statement the Air Force Command said it "does not have specialized structures to perform scientific research on this type of aerial phenomena, which prevents the institution to submit an opinion on these events."

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