Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue Baby Blue

Baby blue is a baby who was murdered by his psychotic mother. Nobody knows his real name. His mother murdered him by shattering a mirror and stabbing him to death with a shard of glass.
To summon baby blue, you go into the bathroom (i suggest with at least one other friend) and fog up a mirror. You know how the mirror gets all foggy after you take a shower or something? You can do the same thing by turning on hot water for a while.
Write "Baby Blue" in the mirror fog. Turn off the light and wait a minute. Hold out your arms like you are going to carry a baby. One of you will feel a weight in your arms, like a very heavy baby. You have to hold him for a while, then you can pass him to the next person. if you drop the baby while holding or passing him, you’ll get a scratch on your arm. Drop him twice, get another scratch. Drop him three times…he’ll shatter the mirror and stab you to death.
My friend Bailey and I decided to test this out. Bailey turned out the light and I held out my arms. I felt a very heavy weight in my arms. My hands were sweating and I was so nervous that I dropped Baby Blue. I felt a sharp pain through my arm. I passed the baby to Bailey. Bailey was freaked out that she dropped Baby Blue immediately. I heard her whimper, so i knew she’d gotten a scratch. A few minutes later, i heard another whimper and knew she’d dropped the baby again. "Turn on the light!" she squealed. I flipped on the light. We looked down at our arms and saw bright red scratches on our arms. One for me and two for Bailey.
There is also another version of the story. In this version, you enter the bathroom with the lights off. You should say the phrase "Blue Baby" over and over for thirteen goes whilst pretending to rock a baby. After you finish chanting, a baby will appear and scratch you. You should drop it and run out of the bathroom as quick as you can otherwise a woman will appear and scream "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY". If you are still holding her baby then she will kill you.

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Ania said... true or false prophecy?