Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Web Bot

The web bot project is a phenomenon of modern computer technology. Through the use of data mining software and the use of archetype keywords programmers search the internet for patterns of speech. These patterns are then deciphered by the programmers and once decrypted, the message is a prediction for some future event.
This particular web bot operates like an oracle similar to what a fortune teller uses. The result of data mining databases is said to come out similar to what one would get if he were to use the ancient I Ching oracular method.
The real value of the information gained from the webbot project comes through in the ability of the decoder to make sense of that information.

Georges Ure is a marketing expert who is also quite knowledgeable in the workings of the stock market. He is a webmaster and one of his sites is This site has been up since 1996 and it brings a no bs news approach to those open minded enough to see through the veil of political agendas and market influences.
Cliff (High ???) is also a webmaster and his site is called It's uncertain if High is actually is name but he did state so in an interview on Coast to Coast radio so one as to assume that it is. Why the secrecy one might ask and the answer may be that people who have too much knowledge sometimes disappear. Alien abduction perhaps but highly doubtful....
Ure and High are the masterminds behind the web bot project. For Ure, it started out as a method of data mining the world wide web in order to find investment opportunities. Some reports state that his attempts were quite successful and lucrative. To High, it was about testing his theory on radical linguistics. This experimental exercise is the foundation of what he termed "Adventures in Future Viewing". This is what is now known as "The Webbot Project".

-The oracle web bot predictions-
George Ure wasn't really into the radical linguistic side of this data mining stuff and he became seriously interested in the phenom Cliff High was involved with after reading about his conclusions. The results in the years leading up to 2001 were accurate but the big prediction was the New York 9/11 tower incident.
Ure, in an interview with C2C states that High is the brainchild while he is only a promoter of the project.
Meanwhile the oracle continues to mystically provide clues to what may happen in the future. I know how unbelievable that sounds but it is what it is. The skeptics are right to question the merits of such technological seersaying but the web bot keeps coming up with new reasons to make believers out of these skeptics.
The past predictions this "time machine" have involved 9/11, katrina, quakes, scandals, and hundreds of other events. The view of the future is not something that many people want to accept or are able to accept if the results of the webbot are accurate.
So what's next?
It's eerie to think how fast the global village is moving when you consider how young the computer technology is.
The databases are loaded with information and everyday people are using words on the internet and adding more to that database.
Suddenly you have a few civilians who are intelligent enough to write computer programs called spiders, or agents, or one of many other name that refers to a short coded script that allows a robot to data mine the web and return a bunch of related words that the human interpreter converts to a view of a future event.
Does this mean that we will soon all have access to a crystal ball type program that anyone can buy for 59.99 through some affiliate link on any of the thousands of websites that would be willing to advertise this product?
Probably not....
But seriously, think of the implications of such a product.
If a couple of civilians have actually come up with this "time machine" then what is going on in technology driven laboratories of the militaries around the world.
Civilians usually don't have the high degrees of privacy or secrecy in their projects as do the government and military sectors. HAARP comes to mind as does the war robot.
We are entering an age of what i would call "techno-socio evolution".
Perhaps the biggest difference that seperates the brain of a human and the processor of a computerized automaton or robot is conscience. We humans compute everything on pain, pleasure, and emotion. We try to be civil and we try to be logical but we all know that there is more to humanity than logic. There's a spiritual side to being human.
Our every move is formulated on databases in our brain. We know that to touch this or that will return an emotion. Pleasure is better than pain. Light is better than darkness.
The robot isn't there yet. But are we on the pivot point?
An old Greek word will end this topic....your guess is as good as mine.
The word is poiesis. Look it up. It has connotations to genesis or to new forms of life.

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