Thursday, December 3, 2009

Harrp Conspiracy

Jesse Ventura, who was the governor of Minnesota and an ex-wrestler “The Bobby”, will make an appearance on the TV show which is also called as the “documentary thriller” with the title name “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura”. It will make its start from Tru TV network that believes in the slogan “No reality. Actuality”. The TV network makes such investigative thrilling and “revealing” documentaries in most of his programs and shows. “Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura” is based upon the investigative probes by Ventura in different under-the-cover projects and activities. He is presented as an open-minded investigator who does not operate with a bias towards any activity and gives his conspiracy theory to the public. If someone does not believe in the theory, “MythBusters” is the right forum for nonbelieving faction of people. Tonight’s show covers a new conspiracy theory regarding HAARP project.
The HAARP project (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a set of antennae in Alaska that emits packets of electric charge in to the ionosphere. This activity can cause variation in weathers, earthquakes and can incapacitate human mind. The HAARP project is financed by the Department of Defense. There is a “denying spokesman” assigned by the department to “deny” any allegation. He seems “too ready” to deny any fact. The HAARP project is itself portrayed by these authorities as “so-called research project”. They depict the project as a “dormant weapon” lying idle causing no harm to anyone for the time being. But some people have the view that show exaggerates to add spice of thrill that is required by the network. But Jesse is of the view that it is not the case and the reality is often blurred due to lack of concrete evidence. He told that lack of concrete evidence does not mean that something is not being done.

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