Monday, July 6, 2009

Ghosts of Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is one of America's favorite vacation spots. It also has a rich history, between its magnificent coastline and the colorful people who have chosen Mount Desert Island for their summer homes.

However, many of Acadia's residents close ranks rather than expose their many "visitors from the past" to the public. They would like their ghosts left alone, thank you very much.

We have just a few stories that we can share right now, and hope to expand this list in the future.

According to reader Jarrod, CleftStone Inn is haunted by two women who perished in a fire there, in 1947. These exhibit poltergeist-like manifestations: slamming doors, vases being thrown across the room, and so on.

In addition, the air feels heavy there, like you're in a slow-motion time warp. We've heard this kind of description before, and experienced it ourselves. Usually, this suggests ghosts more than poltergeists.

Jarrod also reports that, next door to the CleftStone Inn, the Blue Nose Inn is reportedly "cursed." It's burned to the ground three times so far.

Sure, it's almost a cliche, but we're informed that there's a haunted corner in the Bar Harbor Funeral Home. It has a white orb of light, and you can almost see it in your mind as well, if you step into that corner. The maids avoid dusting near it.

The site around Jesuit Springs is supposedly haunted by the eight Jesuit missionaries who were killed there in 1613, by English artillery. Their white shapes are seen at night, boats disappear (last reported: 16' skiff of the Colby family, 1975), and a man in brown robes carrying a cross has been seen in a ghostly boat nearby.

Not everything in Bar Harbor, Maine is as it appears; when the spooky shadows of the night roll in the undeceased appear. Some of the departed won't stay underground in this settlement. Doubters don't have faith in the local spirit reports, but creepy things sure occur here in Bar Harbor during the moonlight hours.

These are some of the spooky things that have happened here recently.

The ghost of a bound up gentleman can be spotted very frequently looking for a woman right by Acadia National Park. Regardless of what folks exclaim, it's a chilling ghost that is preferably not disturbed.

The phantom of a street bum has once in a while been perceived standing by a wild road close to Bar Harbor.

The ghost of a youthful woman drenched in blood is from time to time noticed sobbing by Great Meadow.

The ghost of an old witch has been said to have been witnessed on numerous occasions riding on a bicycle on a shady road near Bar Harbor.

A gentleman with a sizeable hole through his upper body can once in a while be noticed on the water's edge of Beaver Dam Pond gazing. A woman who lives here alleges that this ghost gets pleasure from startling foolish folks who have the courage to disturb the calm in Bar Harbor.

A female's body having a horse's head is regularly perceived studying Bald Rock Ledge in detail late in the night. One thing's for guaranteed, it in all certainty is a scary ghost that you wouldn't wish to bump into before sunrise.

A semi rotten human dead body has supposedly been witnessed on a handful of occasions attempting to grip something by The Bluffs.

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By the way, good writing style. I'd love to read more on similar topics

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