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The Great Pyramid of Giza


The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is the largest of the original Seven Wonders of the World that is basically stilled in tact. This pyramid is an architectural feat that cannot be duplicated with our modern technology and advanced knowledge. Many, including the Japanese, have tried to build a smaller pyramid to scale, but have not been successful.
This structure has been a mystery and an enigma to mankind for ages. The 5th century (B.C.) Greek historian Herodotus spoke of the Great Pyramid in his writings and put forth his theory of how it was built. He thought 100,000 men over a period of 20 years constructed the pyramid. Many books have been written most within the last 120 years, about the pyramid.
Who used the pyramid as a symbol?

Many of the secret societies, such as the Rosticrucians, Masons, Jewish mystics, and others, have assigned importance to the Great Pyramid through mysticism. On the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States is the symbol of a Pyramid with a cap stone bearing the All-Seeing-Eye. The Great Seal's design was largely due to many of the founding fathers of the United States of America, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to name a few, being Masons. Space is not available in this article to discuss the Great Seal in detail.
Many secret schools taught the mysteries concerning the Great Pyramid. Max Toth in his book Pyramid writes about the base of the pyramid and its points. He states: "…the sides of the great Pyramid, facing the four cardinal points, signify extremities of dark and light (west and east) and the extremes of cold and heat (north and south). The base of the pyramid further represents to the student the four material elements of nature from which the body of man is formed: air, water, fire, soil. The face of the pyramid, being a triangle signifies the triune within every object in nature. The twelve signs of the zodiac appear also to be represented by the total number of lines and faces of the pyramid. The spiritual centers of man are represented by three main chambers of the pyramid as the heart, the brain, and the reproductive organ (p. 29)." The pyramid also resembles a man sitting in yoga or meditation. Many believed that the great pyramid was set as a temple representing sacred truths.
Now some of the similarities structurally between the tabernacle and the pyramid are as follow. It is compose of the three compartments (Most Holy Place, Holy Place, and Court Round About) as the Great Pyramid has three side to the triangle faces and there are three chambers inside it. They are the King, the Queen and the Subterrain chambers. There were 12 tribes camp around the tabernacle corresponding to the twelve points to the Great pyramid.
What is the history of the Great Pyramid?

The Arabs were the oldest documented people to enter the Great Pyramids. The Calip Al Mamoum of Baghdad, around 820 A.D., hired an army of workers to dig through the stones of the pyramid to enter it. They were unable to find the entrance, which was concealed, on the north side of the structure. The Calip had hoped to find treasures within because many tales described riches hidden there. Instead of finding treasures or writings, they only discovered a coffin made of marble in the king's chamber, which is one of three chambers in the Great Pyramid. There was no inscription or writings found therein. Now modern history of the Great Pyramid that include its measurements and theories began in the first half of the 18th century. John Greaves, a professor of mathematics and astronomer at Oxford University, obtained the first measurements of it and wrote them in his book Pyramidographia (1646). Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt with an army and a large number of scholars to examine the Great Pyramid in 1797. The great finding of this expedition was the Rossettsa stone. It was the key to unlocking the secrets of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. According to Max Toth’s book Pyramid (p. 169, 174-174), the three men credited with establishing the definitive measurements of the Great Pyramid in the 1800s were Colonel Richard Howard-Vyse, Professor Piazzi Smyth, and Professor Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie. In order to begin this investigation one has to start with the dimensions of the pyramid. As in any crime scene, it is the evidence that will establish the motive. In this case it will reveal something about the designer.
What are the dimensions of the Great Pyramid?

The Great Pyramid is composed of four triangular sides and a square base. It covered an area of 13 acres. The original height of the Great Pyramid was 485 feet, but due to erosion its height declined to 450 feet. Each side of the square base is 755.5 feet in length. The angle of the pyramid is 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14.3 seconds. Now the Great Pyramid is built on a perfectlu level ground. Its level is so exact that it varies less that 1/2 inches over the 13 acres says Max Thoth. This is an amazing feat for the ancient surveyors and would have been difficult, if not almost impossible to match, even today with our advanced technology. It consists of approximately 2.5 million blocks that weight from 2 tons to over 70 tons. The blocks on the top of the pyramid are from the same site and time period as those on the bottom. The stones are cut so precisely that a credit card cannot fit between them. No one knows if the builders deliberately or inadvertently left the capstone off, but this will be discussed in Part Two. Originally, the Great Pyramid The Great Pyramid Decoded was covered with highly polished limestones that reflected the sunlight. Peter Lemesurier states in his book that the Great Pyramid cast a star light reflection on the desert floor, which the Egyptians used to discern the seasons of the year and as a beacon light. Max Toth points out in his book Pyramid that archaeologists believed that the copper tools of the Egyptians used during the estimated period the great Pyramid was built, would be too soft for cutting the stones. How these stones were cut is great mystery. Even with today's technology the cutting of these stones is an awesome task. How these stones were transported and put into place is another mystery. Now there are all types of theories about the construction of the Great pyramid but none of them furnish satisfactory answers.
What is the alignment of the Great Pyramid?

There are many remarkable points found in the dimensions of the pyramid. One of the first items discovered about the pyramid is that it is aligned with the four points of the compass. This means that its four sides point toward true East, West, North, and South. The error from true north is about 1/12 of a degree and what is even more astounding is that this orientation was done without a compass, which was not invented until the 1500 years after the Messiah's birth. Now you may wonder if the perfect aligning to the four points of the compass was a coincidence or was this purposed and planned in the design. Some believe that the pyramid was built about 4000 years before the birth of the Messiah. For the Great Pyramid to be perfectly aligned with the four cardinal points on the compass means that the builder either had some way of determining directions or that neither the Egyptians nor any human designed it. Other dimensions of the Great Pyramid show that it was literally impossible for Egyptians or any other humans to have designed or built it. The Great Pyramid is one of the heaviest structures on earth and could not be built anywhere. The architect had to pick a site that could withstand the weight of the Great Pyramid. How this knowledge was obtained no one knows. In short, the builders of the Great Pyramid had to be some of the best world geologists to be able to pick the site. The Great Pyramid is located in the center of all the landmasses (see diagram on p. 31). Many pyramidologists believe that the meridian line running north and south on the globe passing through the Pyramid (31 degree East of Greenwich) should be the zero line of the whole world. By drawing a horizontal line through the pyramid one can see the pyramid is the center of the landmasses. Again one sees that the architect of the Pyramid had to know the location in advance and it has only been in the last 100 years that men have had these capabilities. Now the angle of passageways inside the pyramid is 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.7 seconds. Traveling away from the Great Pyramid at the same angle of 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.7 seconds to the equator, one would pass through the birthplace of the Messiah.

What revelations are known about the dimensions of the Great Pyramid?

Max Toth in his book Pyramid states how many interpreted the various dimensions of the Great Pyramid. It reads: "…pyramidologists believe that the Pyramid in all its symbolism, represents the laws of the universe expressed geometrically (p. 189)." This cannot be denied if history is correct about when men acquired certain knowledge. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid will show its purpose and plan in the design. Space is not available to list all these correlation's, but a few of the most important and the simplest to understand will be provided. Here are some of the dimensions and their correlation to astronomical calculations.
  • The base unit of measurement in the Pyramid's is 25.052 inches. The Pryamid's inch is 1.0025 of our regular inch. Each side of its base is 365.2422 cubits, which is the exact number of days in a solar year. Now 365.24 cubits occur five or six times somewhere within the pyramid that shows it was not a coincidence.
  • The Pyramid's perimeter, the distance around the four sides of the base, correlates with the circumference of the earth.
  • According to Professor Piazzi Smyth, multiplying the height of the Pyramid's 35th layer by 10 derives the distance of the earth from the sun.
  • The base unit of measurement used by the Pyramid designer is ten-millionth of the earth's polar radius, according Peter Lemeisuier. Simply put it is one ten millionth the distance from the North Pole to equator.
  • The number of days in a century (100 years) is 36,524 days and corresponds to the total inches valued in the Pyramid's perimeter.
  • The number Pi is the mathematical constant 3.1415, with the ratio of the diameter to the distance around the circle, called the circumference. In the pyramid it is the ratio of the height to twice the length of the base.
Who built the Great Pyramid?

One of the enigmas about the Great Pyramid is who built it. There are many theories, but certain factors have to be taken into consideration in answering this question. For example, the astronomical calculations found on the Great Pyramid determine that is was literally impossible for the Egyptians to have designed it. Quoting Max Toth’s book points out his fact. "Nonetheless, Egyptians are thought to have been exceedingly backward in astrology; their meteorology and division of the seasons in their system has convinced researchers that no true system of cosmology could have originated among them. These researchers indicate that Egyptian astronomy was primitive (p. 192)." Clearly, this shows that the Great Pyramid may be in Egypt, but it does not mean the Egyptians or any other humans designed. Simply put, the knowledge displayed in the Great Pyramid is too advanced for humans of this time. Thus, this means that if the Egyptians built the Great Pyramid they had to get the design from some source. Using the Bible as a model, we see that Yahweh Elohim gave mankind many structures to build. For example, Elohim gave Israel the specifications to build the tabernacle (Ex. 25:40), Solomon's and Zerruabbel's Temple (I Chron. 28:18-19). Israel was not the first people that Elohim instructed to build something. Noah was given instructions to build the ark (Gen. 6:13-16, 22). When Israel came across the River Jordan into the Promised Land, Joshua the Son of Nun made Israel erect two sets of 12 stones as a sign that the Ark of the Covenant divided the river (Jos. 4th chp.) Some believe that Elohim (God) designed and built the Great Pyramid structure, but there is little proof to support this hypothesis. The Bible shows that Elohim always gave man designs for the structures He wanted them to build and it was always man that built them to His specification.
Could aliens from another planet have built the Great Pyramid?

There are some that believe UFOs built the Great Pyramid. Now Von Danikien in his book Chariot of the Gods put forth this hypothesis. He states that beings from another planet had advanced technology to perform this task. There is absolutely no proof for this theory. Part Two of this article on the Great Pyramid will show that the Great Pyramid is a tool for prophecy. The inner passageways and chambers explain the future of man, especially the coming of the Messiah. If one supposes that aliens from another planet built the Great Pyramid and accepts the fact that the Great Pyramid prophesied of future events, the question remains of how did they know about future events on earth. Now the only way that these measurements could prophesy of the future is that the designer had to have precise knowledge of the future. Isaiah wrote: "Remember the former things of old: for I am Elohim (God), and there is none else; I am Elohim (God), and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done… (Isa. 46:9-10)." Thus, Elohim had to be the designer and/or architect of this structure, for no man or alien (ET) from another planet could know the future in advance.
Did previous civilizations build the Pyramid?

Others believe that an advanced civilization, such as Atlantis etc., that existed in previous ages and perished in some type of disaster built the Great Pyramid. Lemesurier states in his book that: "… the apparent lack of archaeological evidence of earlier highly developed human societies ought not to be regarded as a conclusive argument against the existence of such antediluvian civilizations such as Plato's description of Atlantis."
What was the purpose of the Great Pyramid?

There are also many theories about the purpose of the Great Pyramid. Along with not being able to conclude absolutely who built the Great Pyramid, mankind also does not understand why it was built. Many believe that Pharaoh Cheops (or Khufu) built the Great Pyramid for his tomb around 3350 BC, because many of the other pyramids in the area have been found to be burial chambers for the various kings of Egypt. Now there are some that believe the Great Pyramid monument was a time capsule left by an advanced civilization. There may have been some cataclysm and leaders of this civilization wanted to leave a message to future civilizations. Others think it was some civil service project. In Peter Lemesurier's book The Great Pyramid Decoded, he states the Great Pyramid is a sign by Elohim. He writes: "the Great Pyramid contains a detailed prophecy in mathematical code—a prophecy whose main purpose appears to be the validating of just such a redemptive or Messianic plan for mankind as appears to have been outlined by Jesus of Nazareth (p. 155)."
Is there any Biblical mention of the Pyramid?

The Bible does not mention the Great Pyramid of Egypt although it did exist long before Israel came into Egypt and was there when Joseph and Mary brought the Messiah into Egypt at His birth (Matt. 2:13). In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the Great Pyramid was a hot topic. Many theologians began to look for scriptures within the Bible that might show its existence in symbolic form. Clarence Larkin in his book Dispensational Truth (© 1918 Rev. Clarence Larkin Est.) asked the following questions about the purpose of the Great Pyramid. "Could it be that the Great Pyramid was built for the purpose of embodying in its construction not only mathematical and astronomical knowledge, but also chronological and scriptural knowledge?" The scripture he used is Isaiah 19:19-20: "In that day shall there be an altar to Yahweh (the LORD) in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to Yahweh (the LORD). And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto Yahweh (the LORD) of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto Yahweh (the LORD) because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a savior, and a great one, and he shall deliver them." Mr. Larkin believes that this scripture has yet to be fulfilled and points to the Great Pyramid. He believes the Great Pyramid was the pillar and altar that Isaiah referred to. He goes on to point out the correlation between the Great Pyramid and the Messiah. Not having the pattern to interpret the Scriptures leads to this erroneous interpretation of the scriptures. Space is not available for a full explanation of this scripture. However, the Great Pyramid is neither the altar nor the pillar in Egypt that Isaiah is referring to for two reasons. First, the Great Pyramid was already built at the time of Isaiah, which was about 780 years before the birth of the Messiah. Second, Isaiah is prophesying about what is about to happen to various Gentiles nations, which had nothing to do with the Great Pyramid. Using the tabernacle pattern, the brazen altar was in the Court Round About which symbolically represents the land of Egypt. The cross the Messiah was crucified on fulfilled the altar in Egypt, as the door to the house of the Israelites in Egypt prefigured an altar. Four points of blood of the lamb or goat was placed upon their doors, as four points of blood was on the altar. The Apostle John referred to Jerusalem where the Messiah was crucified as Egypt. "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified (Rev. 11:8)."

From the dimensions of the Great Pyramid, one can clearly see that the knowledge displayed there is more advanced than the Egyptians or any human civilization had at that time. No one knows or can explain how the Egyptians or humans received plans for the Great Pyramid except they originated from Elohim (God)—The Architect of the Universe. Elohim gave someone the specifications for the Great Pyramid in a vision or dream, as the Bible states that He gave specifications for the Ark, Tabernacle, and Solomon's Temple to Noah, Moses, and Solomon. The principle here is that anytime Elohim reveals something to man, He required man to construct it. Although many believe that Elohim designed and built the Pyramid, there is no proof to substantiate this. Since many do not believe that Elohim (God) designed or constructed the Great Pyramid, they have other wild explanations that have less evidence than the Bible. In the human body, there are many cells that have pyramid shapes. There is an organ called the adrenal gland atop both of the kidneys that are shaped like pyramids. The adrenal glands secrete many types of hormones. One of the most important aids the body in fight-flight situations. Now the mystery about where the knowledge came from to build the Great pyramid is apart of a bigger question, just where did mankind get his knowledge. Throughout man's history it can be shown that there was some knowledge obtained in each era that did not fit the period. This untimely information propelled man to new heights. Historians are unable to understand from where and how man obtained this knowledge. Malcolm Godwin in his book Angels An Endangered Species (©1990 Simon Schuster) states the following current orthodox theory human history. "However there are a number of unorthodox views as to how primitive, foraging, cavemen so abruptly acquired a superb civilization in the Middle and Near East as if from nowhere. Theories of how this could have come about range from the plausible to the outrageous (p. 210-211)." Without accepting Elohim as the source of knowledge and that spirits interacts with humankind more than man think, this mystery will always remain unsolved...

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